Jake Newman


Fisherman's Wharf
Source: Fisherman's Wharf Community District

Given SF's waterfront location, it should come as no surprise how the city is famous for seafood consumables. Fisherman’s Wharf is a historically significant neighborhood generally associated with harborside trade. In modern times, the immediate surrounding area has since evolved into a bustling tourist attraction where themed dining is central to the visitor experience. At Fisherman's Wharf, numerous vendors accessible both street-side and within formal brick and mortar outlets relentlessly promote fresh Dungeness crabs and bay shrimps to circulating passersby.

Resturant Map
Source: Steven Tang (via Medium)

But cuisine enthusiasts will find far more than just seafood to enjoy here in San Francisco. According to SF Travel Magazine, there are nearly 3.5K dining venues within city limits, higher in terms of per capita share than any other major city in the continental United States. This astronomic sum total encompasses a wide range of regional specialty derivatives, target price ranges, and otherwise themed emphases, formulating an enormous portfolio from which even the most selective patrons could surely find something to accommodate individual preferences.